Now that fourth quarter is upon us, start carving out bits of time to work on your business. If your tax season this year didn’t go how you wanted it to, changes need to be made; otherwise, the same problems will just repeat. Taking steps now will create a better environment to grow your business or refine it to make it what you envision. Everyone has goals for their business, but you won’t reach them if you just keep doing things the same way you always have.

  1. If you are manually keying in bank statements—stop! This means you’re not using technology effectively. Solutions like Bank Feeds/Credit Card Feeds in QuickBooks Online, or downloading and uploading bank statements electronically will make that process much less labor-intensive.
  2. Make sure you’re filing W-2s and 1099s electronically. If you’re still getting red forms (for 1099s) or printing government copies of W-2s, you’re wasting time and paper.
  3. Don’t just offer direct deposit, make it your default delivery.  Printing paper checks is old-school and definitely not efficient. Yes, you’ll have some one-off checks that need to be printed, but for the majority, it’s unnecessary.
  4. Produce check stubs and W-2s electronically for employees. Have employers sign up for electronic distribution only, so you don’t have to print employee copies. The more you print and have to mail, the more efficiency you’re sacrificing.             

These are just a few popular initiatives that people prioritize for implementation during fourth quarter, when there’s good, productive time before the next tax rush gets underway. 

Working with BelleVie QuickBooks Accounting, we will help you plan and act on these changes. There are many other ways your company can become more productive, too—speak with us about making these things happen in the closing days of 2017.